What We Do

• Non-invasive Audit
• Consultancy ”Success Fee”: No savings, No fees
• Introducting the know-how
• Present performance: 90% of assignments undertaken
• Average savings: 17%
• Analysis of processes from which the costs originate
• Analysis of the prices and purchasing terms and conditions
• Analysis and construction of the benchmark model
• Identification of the market best practice that meet the benchmark
• Outcome Monitoring: Post-Implementation Review & Audit quantify the effective savings as a result of the difference between the costs incurred before and after our participation: Q x (P1 – P2)

How We Do It
Expense Categories


• Documents Archives
• Insurance
• Meal Tickets and Industrial Catering
• Consumables
• Credit Card and Bancomat Commission
• Express Couriers
• Electricity and Gas
• Office Equipment
• Packaging
• Business Information
• Maintenance Contracts
• Fleet Management
• Pallet
• Cleaning Services
• Credits Recovery
• Postal Charges
• Printed and Marketing Material
• Telephony and Data Transmission
• Transport and Logistics
• Security/Transport of Valuables

Our Clients

•Acetati •Arcivescovado di Milano •Arquati •Azienda USL Città di Bologna •Best •Biella Scarpe •Blixer IDC
•CDI •Ceset •Cobarr •Compagnia Generale Accumulatori •Comune di Segrate •Dresser Italia •Elektromec •Emerson
•Exide Italia •Ferrari F.lli Lunelli •Foster Wheeler France •Grove •International Paper Italia •Ingersoll Rand Italiana
•Istituto Gonzaga •Italcogim •Italpet Preforme •Laboratoires Boiron •LG Electronics Italia •Liebert Hiross
•M&G Finanziaria Industriale •M&G Polimeri Italia •Merloni Elettrodomestici •Molinetto Country Club •Nuroll
•Ospedale Evangelico •Ospedale Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza •Ospedale Luigi Sacco •Plaset •Regione Puglia
•Samsung •Santuario di Oropa •SGS •Sinac •Sinco Ricerche •Società Industriale Accumulatori •Stella Bianca •Surgiva

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